14 Jan 2019

Dubai Desert Safari – Morning Desert Safari VS Evening Desert Safari

When it comes to fun and adventure in the Dubai desert, you can choose between morning desert safari and evening desert safari. When you are choosing between the evening and morning desert safari deals, you need to know what both options can offer.

Morning Desert Safari Vs Evening Desert Safari

Here is a quick comparison to help you decide which of the two-desert safari deals you can choose.

Morning Desert Safari

When you choose morning desert safari, you would be asked to reach a designated point to be picked up by the 4X4 SUV. After pickup, you will be driven through the hustle and bustle of the city into the beauty of the desert. The morning desert safari starts with a fun session of dune bashing. This fun roller coaster ride is followed by other fun activities including desert sandboarding, riding on a dune buggy, and ride of the hot air balloon. Camel ride is also another fun activity you cannot miss, a ride that both adults and children enjoy. You also get to witness the wildlife in its natural habitat including Arabian Oryxes, and wildlife safari.

After you have enjoyed a great morning desert safari, you head to grab a bite with an exciting breakfast. The breakfast usually has on offer local and international breakfast options as well as beverages. Enjoy the lavish breakfast to regain the lost energy. The breakfast mostly concludes a morning desert safari.

Evening Desert Safari

One activity of dune bashing remains central even for the evening desert safari. The safari starts with dune bashing in the powerful SUV like a Land cruiser or a Hummer. Evening desert safari gives a color picturesque backdrop to add to your experience. You can also use this opportunity to take some amazing pictures with a sun slowly setting in the background. Enjoy riding a quad bike or drive a dune buggy.

After your dune bashing session ends, you reach a Bedouin camp to get entertained. There is a lot of entertainment that you can expect once you reach the camp. Ladies can go for henna designs as per the local Arab tradition. You may also want to get a new tattoo. The evening desert safari comes with a lavish dinner dishing out all kinds of cuisines and options to enjoy. Middle Eastern grilled meat is one the most delicious delicacies to enjoy. The last but an essential ingredient of an evening desert safari is belly dance.

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